Hobbit Day

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Holiday Type: Observance

Where is celebrated: USA

Hobbits are little guys, and little gals, just two to four feet tall. They are our heroes in the Lord of the Ring movies, performing great acts heroism and courage. Notably, Hobbits go around barefoot, and eat seven meals a day. They also like to dance, have parties, and enjoy fireworks. The movie “The Fellowship of the Ring” opened in this manner, celebrating Bilbo Baggins birthday.

You can celebrate this special holiday, by going to a Lord of the Rings movie, or reading any of author J.R.R. Tolkien’s books that include hobbits. You can hold a Hobbit party…. don’t forget the fireworks. You may also chose to walk around barefoot all day. That sounds like fun. As for me, I will celebrate this day enjoying seven meals.

Hobbit Day

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