Frankenstein Friday

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Holiday Type: Observance

Where is celebrated: USA

Frankenstein Friday celebrates the birth of Frankenstein and its creator. Frankenstein is one of the best-known horror characters, dating back to the 1800s. We can’t imagine the Halloween season without the presence of Frankenstein, lurking somewhere in the darkness.

Frankenstein was born in 1818 when Mary Wollenstonecraft Shelley, at the age of 21, wrote the story “Frankenstein”.

Frankenstein’s Mother: Mary Wollenstone Shelley

Frankenstein’s Father: Boris Karloff

To celebrate this day, we suggest you read the novel or see a Frankenstein movie.

Ron MacCloskey, the creator of this special day, by awarding “The Franky” to someone who has made a significant contribution to the promotion of Frankenstein. Maybe next year, you will receive the coveted “Franky” award.

Frankenstein Friday

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